We think about you a lot

We think about you a lot you know, you amazing human!  We’ve been planning for your arrival at SUMMIT since last SUMMIT!  In fact, this week we are making the promo for SUMMIT 2016 – so you’ll know when to be here next year!

We think about how we can best prepare the House of God for you to come to. Whether you’re coming with your friends or whether you’re brand new – this is all about meeting people and becoming family.  We can’t wait to get to know you better!

There is something very powerful that happens when the creations (that’s us!) come together in unity to worship the Creator.  When we put aside time and step out of our daily lives to completely immerse ourselves in worship and the Word.  It’s like time stands still for a few days, while God speaks into our hearts.  And the feeling of thousands standing together in worship is always out of this world – literally!  It’s a taste of heaven – there is nothing else like it.  The momentum, the pace and then the stillness when it feels like there is no one else in that huge room except you and Him. I wouldn’t miss it for all the tea in China.

Speaking of tea – and coffee… what would SUMMIT be without the café bursting at its seams with all the food, the happiness and the catching up?  Tables being pushed this way and that to make room for new friends to sit together.  New babies, kids and hungry youth.  This year the Diner will be cranking for the youth to hang at – complete with its own menu of healthy teenage meals.  (Ok, that’s a lie.  But if you think hot chips and pies are healthy then the Diner is the place for you!)  I’ll be giving my kids a SUMMIT Café Card and saying, “Have fun, see ya next week kiddo!”  That’s SUMMIT happiness right there!

So be assured, we are ready for you!  And that doesn’t even rate against how ready God is for you – and what the Holy Spirit has prepared for us.

The table is spread, the family is gathering.  See you at SUMMIT.