SUMMIT FOMO. Yes, it’s a thing..

My brain is a weird place.
Wonderful, enchanting, majestic.


And leading up to SUMMIT… there are a lot of things taking up space in my brain.
Making it unpredictable.
Making it weirder.

One of these things…
Is FOMO. I see this word everywhere.


Yes, I, ladies and gentlemen, have SUMMIT FOMO.
Now, I know you’re probably saying, “Careful Josh that’s some Dangerous Thinking you’re doing”.
I agree with you.
But I can’t help it.

And the problem is, the closer we get to SUMMIT, the bigger my FOMO grows. It’s like a virus, consuming every stretch of bone and sinew inside of me.

Yes, I have quietly developed a fear of missing out on everything that is happening at SUMMIT.

How can one not?
It’s so exciting!

The music // the preaching // the food // the GT’s (God Times) // the RB’s (Red Bulls) // the creative stuff // the family time // the whole shebang.


It seems, at the moment, that we are ascending up the face of a mountain – and very soon we will all be breathing in the true bliss and crispy freshness of the SUMMIT.

I want to drink it all up like an endangered and exhausted snow leopard gulping pure mountain spring water in the hard-living highlands of the Himalayas. To soak it all in like the gleaming Kathmandu jacket penetrating unfiltered rays of UV sunlight that hit you with a possibly dangerous but incredibly comforting warmth as you stand above the clouds.

On a summit somewhere.

Literally on a mountaintop above the clouds…
–   you know those times.


So yeah I can’t miss out.
It would be the worst thing since missing out on being in the big band at Murrays Bay Intermediate in 2001.

And I cried for days.

I fear my tears for missing out on SUMMIT would be so vastly powerful that the disastrous effects they would have on this planet would dwarf every natural disaster that has ever taken place up to this point.

It’s a new experience. A new conference.
A new look, a new feel.
And personally, I don’t want to miss out on any little itty bitty part of it.

But further to that – the main reason for my FOMO… Is actually YOU.
Yes you. Reading this right now.
I can see you through your webcam.

I don’t want YOU to miss out.

Trust me – I know how epic SUMMIT is going to be.
Like – so epic.

Like – if you stretch out your arms to the sides so that your hands are as far away from each other as you can get them… the distance between your hands – that’s how epic it’s going to be.

And I have this big fear that people are going to miss out on something epic.
That’s where my FOMO is stemming from.

I just think SUMMIT will be so so so so so so soooooooooo much better if you are there.
If we are all there together.

So please come.


-If you do you can give me a big hug.

Love Josh.


Ps: I have attached a photo of myself so you know what I look like for that hug.


– Josh