SUMMIT 2017 – Night 3

What an incredible day we had on SUMMIT Friday! The day started with Market Makers and Dr Dharius Daniels teaching our business people about Kingdom keys. Our Real Talk sessions began with both Ps Bill Wilson’s and Dr Dharius Daniels’ last sessions with us.

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SUMMIT 2017 – Night 2

SUMMIT Thursday was top notch! Building on the momentum of Wednesday the Real Talk day sessions featured Ps Bill Wilson and Rev Samuel Rodriguez. Both messages were incredibly inspiring and brought fresh revelation to all. It was so great to hear our very own Ps Peter Mortlock share his heart.

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SUMMIT 2017 – Day 1

What an incredible start to SUMMIT week. Wednesday night kicked off with a bang! The café and Youth Diner were filled with families from all over New Zealand and beyond. Once the doors opened the Sanctuary flooded with people expectant to see God move.

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SUMMIT Your Social!

We’ve had our clever creatives beavering away to make some cool bits and bobs that we hope you will find awesome enough to make your social game SUMMITASTIC!

I’m a cute GIF that you can post on your FB – try me!

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