SUMMIT Your Social!

We’ve had our clever creatives beavering away to make some cool bits and bobs that we hope you will find awesome enough to make your social game SUMMITASTIC!

I’m a cute GIF that you can post on your FB – try me!

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7 Things to do When You’re in Auckland for Summit

Summit is going to be the high point (pun intended) of my 2016, and if you’re coming up to Auckland for Summit, I bet it’s going to be yours to! I moved up to Auckland from Wellington 4 years ago. So as a non-Aucklander, I know that Auckland doesn’t always seem like the pinnacle of holiday destinations,

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How you can be part of SUMMIT 2015

I remember my first Global Impact experience; I think I was 15 years old. I slipped in, had an amazing time, then slipped out. I loved it and was blessed, but I couldn’t help noticing a group of people who just seemed to be that little bit more excited and that little bit more engaged than I was.

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Summit 2015 is literally 14 days away.


God seems to have a funny sense of humour because ‘summit’ weather has hit Auckland like a brick – it’s so cold I feel like I’m on top of an icy mountain minus the 100km/h winds.

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Best Burgers in AKL

We used to think that Fergburger in Queenstown was the best place to get burgers in NZ. But now – even though for some this may sound like blasphemy – we are pretty confident that Auckland provides some blimmin’ superior burger cravin’ options.

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Happy cards

A little bit of “Happy” City Impact Church SUMMIT style. Thanks JD for whipping this stop-motion up for us one evening. Clever Guy.

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