7 Things to do When You’re in Auckland for Summit

Summit is going to be the high point (pun intended) of my 2016, and if you’re coming up to Auckland for Summit, I bet it’s going to be yours to! I moved up to Auckland from Wellington 4 years ago. So as a non-Aucklander, I know that Auckland doesn’t always seem like the pinnacle of holiday destinations,

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Hello Southies!

We are super excited to be hosting SUMMIT for the second year running and we’re really looking forward to having you with us.

We are family, and SUMMIT is all about getting together! The café will be open, the coffee will be flowing and you can guarantee there’ll be a warm welcome waiting here for you at City Impact Church North Shore.

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What a week!

WOW! Words cannot describe what we have been privileged to witness over the past three nights! SUMMIT Conference was a first for us – a new style of conference for City Impact Church that exceeded all expectations!

Wednesday night kicked off with a thrilling opening item including abseilers and tickertape cannons!

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Happy cards

A little bit of “Happy” City Impact Church SUMMIT style. Thanks JD for whipping this stop-motion up for us one evening. Clever Guy.

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5 reasons you want to come to SUMMIT 2014

  1. Paul Scanlon

Seriously, this guy is something else. Known as one of the United Kingdom’s foremost church leaders, he is a teaching machine.  Thought provoking and intelligent, Pastor Paul is both a deep thinker and excellent communicator. Under his leadership, Life Church (UK) underwent a season of transition and radical reinvention,

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