Summit FAQ

Q. Where is SUMMIT going to be held?

All of our sessions will be held at our North Shore Campus, 794 East Coast Road, Albany, Auckland.

Q. How do I register for SUMMIT?

SUMMIT is a complimentary conference, think of it as our gift to you! So you don’t need to register – just come along!

Q. What sessions can I come to?

All of them! All of our sessions are open to all, so go on, pop it in your calendar, take some leave from work (just afternoons if you like) and get here!

Q. Will there be childcare available?

SUMMIT Kids is available at all SUMMIT sessions (including the Market Makers Brunch) for preschoolers (ages 1-4 years) and children in school years 1 to 6.

There is no charge for SUMMIT Kids.

We have some super fun things happening and your kids will have a blast!

Q. Where is the SUMMIT Kids sign-in during SUMMIT?

The SUMMIT Kids sign-in desk will be in the Auditorium Building or downstairs in the Double Classrooms during the REAL TALK day sessions. You can also ask any of our friendly Ushers where to go.

Q. Where do I buy my SUMMIT Market Makers Brunch tickets?

Tickets are available online here!